Jammu and Kashmir at a Glance

Jammu & Kashmir is aptly perched amidst the lofty snow-capped majestic Himalayan mountain ranges that almost seem to touch the emerald blue skies. Adding to the region’s charm are the dense forests sprinkled with tall Chinar trees and wrapped in intense greenery that form a part of this enchanting region and personifies paradise on earth.

Jammu & Kashmir is situated in the northernmost region of the Indian subcontinent and in close proximity to the Karakoram Mountain range and Western Mountain ranges. This Indian State nestles within a northwestern network of the Himalayan Ranges that is marked with snow-capped summits, prominent divergence, preceding drainage system, sophisticated geological structure, and a rich conserved flora and fauna habitat.

Jammu & Kashmir comprises of three major geographical regions that differ in their culture and topography:

Kashmir Valley - Also known as ‘The Lesser Himalayas’, and ‘Jhelum Valley’.

Jammu - Also known as ‘The Outer Himalayas’, and ‘The Southern Mountain Range’.

Ladakh & Frontier regions - Also known as ‘The Inner Himalayas’, ‘The Indus Valley’, and ‘Trans-Himalayas’.

Jammu & Kashmir shares its southern border with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, its Northern and Eastern border with the People's Republic of China and its western and north-western border with Pakistan-administered territories or Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in India that comprises of the disputed regions of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit – Baltistan respectively.

Jammu is placed against the stunning backdrop of the snow surmounted Pir Panjal Range that marks the progression between the North-based Himalayas and the South-based dusty Punjab Plains. Hills enveloped with Scrub Forests, Densely forested Mountain Ranges, and plunging River Valleys bridges the gap between these two extremities while the Shivalik Range, Ravi River, Tawi River and Chenab River traverses through Jammu, thus accentuating the charm and beauty of this region.

Jammu was named after a powerful local chieftain named ‘Jambu Lochan’, who was the brother of Bahu, and ruled this region during the 9th Century. It was the Dogra Rulers who built the City of Jammu in 1730 AD as their Capital and also constructed numerous temples and shrines that aptly named Jammu as the ‘City of Temples’.

Nestled in the foothills on the Himalayas, Jammu is a land of mesmerizing historical temples and mystical palaces dotted with over hundred-year-old ancient Temples like the Panjbakhtar Temple, Peer Kho Temple, Raghunath Temple, and Ranbireshwar Temple, thus, welcoming thousands of tourists and devotees who throng these Temples every year.

Kashmir is a land with a rich historical background, influenced by the varied change in culture and long tradition and religion that has marked the uniqueness of this Valley owing to various rulers and conquerors that once ruled this stunning region.

Kashmir is a typical oval-shaped valley set in a longitudinal depression that nestles within the great north-western Himalayan ranges. Its length runs along the direction that borders the Shivalik, Pir Panjal, Karakoram, Middle Mountains, Himalayas, Ladakh, and Zanskar Ranges.

Historically, Kashmir Valley was a vast lake named as ‘Satt-e-Sar’ that drained out as the Baramulla - Khadiniyar Gorge further deepened. The valley of Kashmir is distinctively pronounced by breathtaking green meadows, fresh water streams, magnificent forests, and mighty mountains thus transforming it into a literal paradise-like region on earth.

Kashmir offers you with serene and calm lakes set against a picture perfect natural landscape setting which is sure to mesmerize you. The snow covered valleys and its colourful array of blossoming flowers depicts real heaven on earth and is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights you will ever get to witness.

Famous valleys in Kashmir to look out for are Bangus Valley, Dachigam Valley, Gulmarg Valley, Gurez Valley, Lidder Valley, Lolab Valley, Sindh Valley, and Yousmarg Valley to mention a few. Srinagar is the Capital of Kashmir and offers an unforgettable holiday experience on its lakes with houseboats and Shikara boats to choose from.