Jammu and Kashmir Honeymoon Destination

Jammu & Kashmir is for sure one of the most stunning and enchanting Honeymoon Destination in India. Popularly known as 'Paradise of India', J&K is the perfect place for newlyweds and couples to spend quality time together amidst the mesmerizing pristine beauty of this region.

Snow-clad peaks, crystal clear lakes, large rivers traversing through deep gorges and valleys, lush green meadows, cold deserts, fertile grasslands, pilgrim places, and heritage destinations are just a few of the many wonders that this region has to offer for an ideal Honeymoon in Jammu & Kashmir.

Jammu & Kashmir sprouts with a canvas of natural settings placed against the mighty Himalayan ranges backdrop filled with diverse and exotic wild life that are sure to leave all spectators gaping and awe-inspired. Therefore, planning your honeymoon in Jammu & Kashmir or a vacation trip is definitely worthwhile for that much needed break from your household chores and work schedules.

The opportunity to enjoy a thrilling honeymoon vacation in Jammu & Kashmir is one of those must-do activities in your list of vacation destinations allowing you to experience an altogether new journey that is delightful and perfect for as many times as you visit this paradise-like place.

There is no better honeymoon destination or holiday escapes than Jammu & Kashmir as it is sure to make couples re-discover each other while they explore the grandeur of this naturally blessed region that tempts you to fall in love all over again with each other amidst the stunning sights spanning right before your eyes.

Jammu & Kashmir Honeymoon experience is truly scintillating with the added views of plush valleys, gentle slopes, and Shikara boat rides. Couples can choose to stay in one of the many elegantly furnished houseboats set on the Lake with the stunning blue and crisp green mountain ranges as your backdrop giving you a sense of living in real paradise.

Jammu & Kashmir is a celestial destination offering opportunities for honeymoon couples to enjoy pleasure boat rides along the snow-kissed mountain peaks lending a perfect romantic getaway. The Lakes in Jammu & Kashmir also acts as an ideal place to enjoy swimming and water skiing, though it may be just too cold to try out, however, you can instead just sit back in the Shikara boats, relax and enjoy a complete day amidst the scenic locales surrounding the deep blue clear Lakes of Kashmir.

Being a multi-purpose tourist destination and honeymoon getaway, Jammu & Kashmir does witnesses a decent influx of tourists and newlyweds every year especially post the peak wedding season that generally falls between October and February with few weddings through the year.

Honeymoon in Jammu & Kashmir is ideal during the summer season when the climate and weather is at its best, however, a few couples do enjoy spending their honeymoon vacation during winters as it allows them to enjoy solitary moments with each other thus accentuating their romantic experience amidst this stunningly beautiful region.

An ideal honeymoon destination, Jammu & Kashmir offer couples with a wonderful retreat combined with the experience of a pleasant climate and views of the scenic and charming sites of this region making it one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

Jammu & Kashmir also offer aplenty options for sightseeing for tourists and honeymoon couples alike including a variety of accommodation options ranging from Hotels, Huts, Lodges and the unique Houseboats to choose from. Dressed with abundant natural treasures, Jammu and Kashmir is truly gifted with vast lush forest areas, stunning viewpoints, and loads of absolutely unforgettable sights to view.

A honeymoon trip to Jammu & Kashmir must be experienced added with the luxury of enjoying the region’s umpteen splendid tourist attractions along with your partner. J&K offers stunning holiday destinations and unforgettable excursions to places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg and several similarly exquisite regions filled with immaculate beauty.

Jammu & Kashmir is a place tucked away in one of the most exotic regions of India and therefore offer visitors and couples with the true experience of the beauty of nature coupled with a friendly dose of warm Kashmiri hospitality and ever-smiling Kashmiri people who happily welcome you to their abode with open arms, irrespective of your background, culture or nationality thus transforming J&K into an apt honeymoon destination, family vacation, weekend getaway and adventure trips.