Jammu, the Duggar Land is also referred to as the 'Winter Capital' and 'City of Temples' and is believed to have been founded by Raja Jamboo Lochan way back during the 14th Century. He named this township after him as 'Jamboo' which later, as the year went by, got distorted to what we presently know and refer to as 'Jammu'.

Jammu is strategically placed on a hillock, on the banks of the Tawi River Tawi, and is flanked by the district of Udhampur to its north and northeast, the district of Kathua to its east and southeast, Pakistan or Sialkot to its west, and Rajouri district including Bhimber [POK] to its northwest. The Jammu skyline is dotted with towering shikhars of ancient temples and beautiful ancient palaces nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas, a definite sight to behold and experience.

Tourism of Jammu

Jammu Tourism is famous for its ancient temples and forts that are of historical significance. The impaired Bahu Fort and the ancient Kali Temple preserved for over 200 years are a majestic sight to witness. Jammu is indeed a sacred region blessed with pilgrimage tourist sites that exudes the essence of spirituality and piousness and is further accentuated by the....

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Jammu Sightseeing

Nestled amidst a setting of breathtaking views and scenic landscapes, Jammu Sightseeing options are abundant. This is the place where the immaculate mountains and plains co-exist together on either sides of Jammu. Perched at an altitude of 327 meters above sea level, sightseeing in Jammu can be a sheer delight owing to its historical sites. Jammu is also a popular trade and commercial center as it serves as the gateway to Srinagar as well.

Sightseeing in Jammu has earned a reputation as the place itself is highly known for its religious tolerance. Hari Prabat is an excellent example of a pilgrim site where a temple, gurdwara and mosque harmoniously stand beside each other that often surprises many tourists. The presence of such unity showcases the true spirit of secularism and befits a perfect response to those who believe in religious politics.

Apart from the Jammu sightseeing tours, Shopping in Jammu also offers a visual treat of the talent and craftsmanship of the Jammu people, seen in its exquisitely and intricately embroidered Pashmina shawls. Today, Jammu boasts of refreshing environs and a peaceful setting with harmonious existence of all cultures and religious settlements that makes sightseeing in Jammu an absolute enjoyment. Jammu sightseeing offer some of the finest places to visit that are famous and well retained. read more about Jammu Sightseeing

Jammu Trekking Tours

Jammu Trekking expeditions form an integral part of adventure sports of Jammu & Kashmir which is rich with hilly tracts and meandering landscapes. J&K tops the map as the trekker's paradise despite its harsh weather and snowfall conditions.

Today, Trekking in Jammu has become one of the most famous sports with a decent number of visitors enjoying a trekking tour that can last from days to weeks and sometimes span over months when longer trekking routes are involved. Jammu Trekking tours allows you to catch glimpses of the unmatched beauty of Jammu including log wood Gujjars huts and sheep-grazing on the stunning gentle meadows of Jammu; a delightful view indeed.

Jammu trekking reveals a distinct side of the Himalayas, not seen before, with breathtaking sights of high-altitude mountain lakes and snow peaks to be sighted at a closer range that are otherwise impossible to view. read more about Jammu Trekking Tours

Jammu Tourism