Gardens in Jammu

Jammu has its share of beautiful Gardens too but not as much as Kashmir which is blessed with stunningly picturesque Mughal Gardens. A few of the many Gardens in Jammu can be traced back to yester years when Persian Kings, Mughal Emperors, Indian Princes, and the British had once ruled over Jammu.

The Gardens in Jammu are gifted with natural designs and environ surrounded by the majestic Himalayan Mountains thus adding to their imperial charm and picturesque delight.

Centuries ago, Persian Kings were known for their excellence in architecture and design that can be witnessed in every corner of India and is evident with the presence of beautiful monuments, and palaces. However, apart from this, the Persians and Mughals were also famous for their gardens and its unique architecture as seen in many Mughals Gardens in India.

The Gardens in Jammu are therefore enveloped with such architectural beauty and scenes dressed with lush green lawns that are well maintained and spans across massive acres of sheer greenery.

The Jammu Gardens are fringed with trees of varied species and in different hues of greens, apart from the well placed bed of flowers, shrubs and plants that are aligned in the authentic and typical Persian style lawns.

Besides the varied species of trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs, the Gardens in Jammu also feature exquisite architecture and imperial couture that defines their existence and fame amongst top Gardens in India. Such fame only reflects the artistic facet of the Mughals and Persians thus endorsing their legacy forever.

The Persians, Mughals, as well as the British truly loved their gardens as these were one of those places where they could relax without the stress of court gatherings and courtiers surrounding them with a line of agendas with respect to the State & Citizen Welfare.

The Gardens in Jammu do feature well defined structures nestled amidst the greenery of the lawns and trees such as the Bagh-Bahu garden to name one while the rest are new additions to the list of Gardens in Jammu. The Flower Garden in particular witnesses a flourish of vibrant colours when they blossom to their fullest during the spring season every year that witnessed a large influx of tourists during its inception stage when it opened to public visitation.

List of Gardens of Jammu

Bagh – Bahu Garden is a terraced-style garden placed on a slope just below the Bahu Fort in Jammu. This Garden depicts a typical Mughal style of design and architecture as seen in many Mughal Gardens in India and also commands a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Jammu, the River Tawi, and Trikuta Hills.

Flower Garden is a new addition to the list of Gardens in Jammu situated at Bhour Camp and features over 20 varieties and species of flowers. This garden is deemed to be one of the primary floriculture centres in Jammu that will assist in generating revenue for the State of Jammu & Kashmir and make it self-sufficient in terms of requirement of seeds for plantation purposes as well.

Rajinder Park is situated at Canal Road in Jammu and was constructed along the Ranbir Canal. The Park was named after Dr. Rajinder Prasad, who is the former and late President of India, a name gladly accepted by the people of Jammu. Rajinder Park was recently cleaned and refurbished, which was funded by the Jammu and Kashmir Bank and since then, it has become one of the favourite tourist spots in Jammu.

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