Jammu Tourism

Jammu or Duggar is one of the three administrative districts of Jammu and Kashmir situated in the northernmost state of India. Known as the largest city and the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu is also referred to as the 'City of Temples'.

Jammu is home to a few of the most popular Hindu shrines in India and hence is also popularly known as the pilgrimage tourism destination of India. While most of the population of Jammu practices Hinduism, the rest are seen following the Islamic practices and Sikhism as well.

Owing to its diverse culture, Jammu also enjoys a strong cultural heritage as seen in the many Heritage Sites in Jammu. As a city, Jammu features excellent infrastructure and thus is emerging as one of the main economic centers of the State.

Jammu Tourism is definitely on the rise owing to the spectacular snow-covered Pir Panjal Mountain range that acts as a stunning backdrop to Jammu thus offering loads of sightseeing options as well as outdoor adventure to look forward to. Jammu is a definite sight to behold with lush green environs and forest-covered hills that bridge the gap between the Himalayas situated in the north and the plains of Punjab situated in the south.

Jammu Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Jammu is an attraction amongst thousands of tourist across India and abroad as well. This city is an apt winter capital offering excellent climatic conditions and numerous tourist attractions to all visitors. This quintessential city of Jammu & Kashmir offers visitors with a perfect respite from the dusty and polluted environment of the plains.

Jammu Sightseeing tours offer visitors with an opportunity to experience the real beauty of nature filled with smooth lush landscapes set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountains featuring cascading rivers and gorges and sparkling streams thus adding true delight to your trip to Jammu.

Jammu Sightseeing is one of the best ways to explore this ideal region set at the foothills of the grand Himalayan Ranges that homes exotic wildlife habitat and some of the best sights to view including Heritage Destinations in Jammu and Pilgrim destinations in Jammu.

Jammu Excursions

Excursions from Jammu offer tourists with an unforgettable tour to some of the most interesting places to see. Excursions offer you a chance to explore the various regions around Jammu, nearby towns and small quaint villages with some really excellent sights to cross by. The various excursion trips around the entire region of Jammu thus add its fame and Tourism revenue. As you travel to explore the several neighbouring places of Jammu, you also get the added advantage to enjoy the spectacular view as you drive through some of the most beautiful destinations of Jammu.

Jammu Excursions is one activity that is sure to keep you occupied throughout your duration of stay in this city. These Excursions trips in Jammu allow you to unravel the hidden treasures of nature, view expanses of lush intense greenery and scenic delights that this place has to offer.

Lakes in Jammu

The Lakes in Jammu are one of the prime attractions of Jammu % Kashmir. Gleaming with crystal clear waters and a romantic atmosphere, the numerous fascinating lakes in Jammu are the pride of J&K. These Lakes in Jammu are renowned worldwide for their pristine beauty and soothing charm thus attracting a number of global tourists. These wonderful lakes in Jammu feature a vibrant aquatic life and complex eco-system, therefore, are the vital for numerous animal and birds and are the major source of water supply for the inhabitants of Jammu & Kashmir.

Gardens in Jammu

Mughals were so impressed with the abundant natural beauty of Jammu and its surrounding regions that they had to add their unique touch to the architecture of Jammu by constructing a number of beautifully designed gardens. Each garden in Jammu is well-planned and massive in size and structure. The Gardens in Jammu have managed to retain the elaborate and distinct design of Persian gardens as seen in other places like Delhi and Agra where the Mughals had once ruled. The ancient Jammu gardens also feature a variety of flora and delightful water channels to look forward to in your trip to Jammu.

Activities in Jammu

Being the largest city in the State, Jammu presents tourists with a number of reasons to visit offering opportunities to indulge in outdoor sports and adventure activities. Activities in Jammu are sure to keep you busy throughout your stay in this city. This region is not only gifted with natural scenic beauty but also with a number of water bodies and snow-covered mountains thus making for a perfect destination for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. The various activities in Jammu include thrilling sports like skiing, water rafting, paragliding, and golfing.

Jammu Trekking Tours

Jammu Trekking Tours offer you with a number of trekking trails and unexplored pathways to traverse through during your expedition. Adventure and nature lovers get to experience a unique way to explore the scenic yet mesmerizing landscapes set against the exotic Himalayan mountain ranges. Trekking in Jammu is apt for adventurous seekers who look forward to unearth the hidden treasures of nature.

Trekking in Jammu also assures you with one of the most memorable journeys as you get to traverse through easy tracks as well as rough and rugged highlands, and undulating terrains and valleys, taking you through some of the most spectacular sights that the regions of Jammu has to offer.

Hotels in Jammu

Hotels in Jammu offer excellent accommodation options for all types of tourists thus enabling you to enjoy your family vacation, honeymoon trip, adventure tours, wildlife tours, or corporate offsite. Jammu has a range of stunning tourist spots and adventure destinations and hence is visited by a large inflow of tourists making way for ample Hotels to crop up in and around the city.

Tourists are offered the best accommodation in Jammu and discounted room rates, especially during the off-peak season, along with added benefits of a comfortable and secure stay in Jammu, apt for both heavy spenders and budget travelers alike.

Jammu Tourism