Jammu Trekking Tours

Jammu Trekking Tours offer tourists with unlimited fun and excitement mainly due to its numerous trails and off the beaten tracks leading you through spectacular sights to look out for. The Adventure Tourism in Jammu is rapidly gaining popularity amongst nature lovers and adventure seekers looking for unique ways to explore the exotic region of Jammu & Kashmir.

The backdrop of mesmerizing Himalayan ranges fringed along scenic landscapes of Jammu beckon many visitors to explore its mysterious surroundings making the activity of Trekking in Jammu a definite adventure trip to look forward to.

Trekking expeditions in Jammu is bound to serve you with some of the most memorable experiences for all mountaineers and novice trekkers. The Adventure Tourism became a reality in Jammu quite recently after J&K got its long-due attention from the tourism department, who finally understood that trekking in Jammu is an integral part of tourism and does attract a considerable lot of revenue for this region.

While Jammu is marked by easy and noticeable tracks, it also has its share of undulating slopes and deep valleys that offer some of the most thrilling opportunity to unleash and bring out the adventurer in you. Your sporting passion and love for the outdoors is put to full use as you traverse through the region’s unparallel sights and seek solace amidst the spectacular ambience of nature.

Trekking Tours in Jammu and its surrounding regions is a definite outdoor activity to indulge in as it promises to take you through some of the best trekking paths never seen before. These trekking trails are laid out for novice trekkers as well as intermediate to high energy level trails for seasoned trekkers.

The towering Himalayas against the region of Jammu beckons many tourists to go on that adventure trip & trekking tour to explore the rough and rugged terrains of the Himalayas. Dressed with sporting attire, tourists get an opportunity to venture into the world of unknown territories and scenic delights leaving them with some of the most memorable experiences to take back home.

While a Trekking in Jammu can be fun, it is essential to know what to carry along during your expedition that will be of use and assist you in enjoying a better trekking experience. Insect repellents, sun glasses, hat, woolens, sleeping bag, bottled water, and energy snacks are some of the essentials to carry along in your backpack. In the case of high altitude treks that leads you into deeper territories, do stock in enough food supply, and water as well.

Jammu offers a range of soft trekking options during summers as most routes remain open whereas winters also allow trekking options in certain places that most probably limits to low altitude grounds only where you can camp at excellent sites amidst the wilderness of Jammu.

Also note that the J&K Tourism Department at Jammu and Kud operate shops from where you can hire all the trekking equipment you need. For the convenience of all trekkers, the Trekking base camps also offer facilities and equipments for your trek that you can hire on a temporary basis.

Jammu Trekking Tours lead you from the base camp at Kishtwar, an upland valley situated in the northeastern corner of Jammu region to its uplands and Peaks raised to an average altitude of 1,638 meters or 5,374 feet including treks to popular Peaks such as the breathtaking Sickle Moon Peak perched at 6,575 meters, Eiger Peak perched at 6,001 meters, and Brahma I & II Peaks.

Before venturing on your trekking tour, do get in touch with the Director of Tourism Adventure Wing in the province of Jammu for more information and related brochures. A few of the authorized travel agencies in Jammu do offer trekking expeditions to various regions in Jammu; however, for details, do get in touch with the Tourist Office situated in the Tourism Reception Center.

The Trekking season in Jammu begins from July and extends through to September when the climatic conditions are quite favourable for outdoor activities.

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