Kashmir has always been termed as the crown of India and a virtual heaven on earth since ages. Kashmir has considerably expanded in its geographical aspects since the mid 19th Century and is cocooned between the Pir Panjal mountain range and the Great Himalayas.

Kashmir valley holds a wealth of tourist spots, pilgrim destinations and offer loads of adventure activities to choose from. It is quite distinct in terms of its administrative areas that are looked upon by Pakistan, China, and India as well. All three countries maintain their administrative control over their designated portions of Kashmir.

Kashmir is filled with excellent sites and an intriguing historical past that seems to define its unique culture and influences.

Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir valley does complete justice to history enthusiasts owing to its numerous historical sites and ancient lakes that define the unique beauty of this valley. Kashmir was once ruled by Persian Kings, Maharajas and the British Imperial and therefore, it exhibits the charm of Indian, Persian, and European influences. Tourism in Kashmir offer glimpses of a rich history...

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Kashmir Sightseeing

Like the Kashmiri people who are extremely friendly and charming, the valley of Kashmir is also filled with a great deal of enchanting sightseeing options to experience. Kashmir sightseeing tours offer a platter of serene and soothing lakes that are picture perfect against the breathtaking landscapes which is sure to win over your heart. The snow-surmounted peaks and valleys filled with blossoming flowers add a vibrant setting to Kashmir.

Ruled by various Kings and Empires, Sightseeing in Kashmir becomes even more intriguing as you get to see the true blend of different cultures living harmoniously together. Historical Sites and beautifully built palaces reflect the heritage of Kashmir and add to its tourism worth. Indian Princes, Persian Kings, and the British Raj have left behind many sites to visit in Kashmir holding a rich historical past that can be witnessed in the numerous places of interest in Kashmir and its surrounding regions. Exquisitely designed structures and palaces also reflect the unique tradition and culture of the regions past events.

Kashmir is beauty personified and the tourism department arranges several sightseeing tours in Kashmir and excursions from Kashmir leaving you with some of the most memorable moments of your life. The Kashmir Lakes are pristine and untouched while the region offer ample attractions to keep you well occupied. read more about Kashmir Sightseeing

Lakes in Kashmir

The paradise-like essence of Kashmir can be attributed to its extravagant scenic landscapes, and pristine water bodies that add to the region’s socio-economic and ecological importance. The Lakes in Kashmir are extremely famous for their unparallel attraction, grandeur, and a multi-faceted eco-system thriving with aquatic life.

The Kashmir Lakes are fringed with trees that mirror their reflections on the waters adding to its charming presence. Boat rides and exciting water sports will keep you occupied during the summers. Shikaras and Houseboats allow tourist an opportunity to stay on these Lakes surrounded with sheer calmness. Every few kilometers, the change in scenery of these water bodies is a definite intriguing sight to see.

Lined with excellent scenic backdrops, the Lakes in Kashmir are considered as one of the most beautiful lakes of India featuring an assemblage of well maintained gardens and sloping roofed-houses on small islands. read more about Lakes in Kashmir