Lakes in Kashmir

One of the most significant attractions of Kashmir is its beautiful lakes that enhance the scenic value of this valley in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The Lakes in Kashmir are famous for its picturesque surroundings that feature simple yet peaceful picnic spots where you can relax with family or friends.

The Lakes in Kashmir are abounding with houseboats providing one of the most popular accommodation options in Kashmir. This is the prime feature of this valley that offers a picturesque setting against the majestic yet stunning Himalayan mountain ranges.  A few of these lakes in Kashmir are fringed with famous Mughal Gardens of Kashmir that add to the old world charm and imperial aura of the Vale of Kashmir.

Indeed, the lakes of Kashmir are just stunning and offer the perfect tourist attraction for all tourists visiting this region. The Kashmir lakes also act as a source of livelihood for many locals of Kashmir who thrive primarily by providing accommodation in their houseboats and offering boating and angling activities. 

A major population of the people in Jammu & Kashmir also thrives on the aquatic life provided by the Lakes in Kashmir and vegetation that is locally grown in the slopes of this valley. These aspects have played a vital role in enterprising the tourism of Jammu & Kashmir thus contributing to the region’s revenue and economic growth.

Kashmir is characterized by its gentle and lush fields, mesmerizing lakes, and quaint slope-roofed villages that are reminiscent of a Colonial charm set against the mighty Himalayas that will remind you of Switzerland set against the stunning Swiss Alps.

Kashmir Lakes, have therefore, only added to the colonial persona of this region and has also managed to retain its elegance and countryside semblance. Apart from angling, and boating facilities, the Lakes in Kashmir also symbolizes the mythological presence of an ancient bygone era that once existed in this very place.

Enjoy a quiet nature walk amidst the valley’s forest pathways or sit along the banks of the Lakes in Kashmir while enjoying its intense scenic presence are some of the many things to do in Kashmir to make your trip to this region most memorable.

While all the Lakes of Kashmir and Jammu are mandatory inclusions in all sightseeing tours in Jammu & Kashmir, these lakes also dictate the way tourists perceive this land. It is their pristine beauty and calm tranquility that draws many visitors to the abode of Jammu & Kashmir and hence must be appreciated in every aspect as major contributors to the region’s tourism worth and resources.

Whenever you plan a trip to Kashmir, do ensure to take out time to visit at least one of the lakes in Kashmir that is sure to entice you and win your heart. Kashmir is blessed with many small water bodies and lakes but of these, there are only a few that are incredibly beautiful and will capture your attention that should not be missed for anything during your visit to Kashmir.

When traveling to Kashmir, do visit the enchanting lakes in Kashmir and rent out a houseboat for at least a day or two to experience its true splendor and delight. During your stay in one of these houseboats, you can trek to the beautiful and ancient Mughal Gardens in Kashmir situated nearby that will only add to your vacation experience in Kashmir.

Kashmir Lakes

Dal Lake, Kashmir is probably considered as one of the most beautiful Lakes in Kashmir and India. It is the second largest lake in Jammu & Kashmir state and features lush greenery and towering mountain ranges fringed along its three sides including numerous orchards and gardens as well. Dal Lake is filled with unique and beautiful houseboats that offer you an opportunity to reside on this lake amidst calm environ filled with articulate beauty and tranquility. read more about Dal Lake

Nagin Lake, Kashmir is situated at a trekking distance from the magnificent Dal Lake of Kashmir. These two water bodies are interconnected by a small water channel and make them easily accessible. The summers witness a gush of crowd who visit to enjoy the pleasantly cool waters of Nagin Lake with boating facilities to look forward to. The heart of Nagin Lake features a small Island that homes a Shopping center as well. read more about Nagin Lake

Wular Lake, Kashmir is beauty personified that actual words cannot describe. One must see the scenic beauty of this lake to believe its existence. Wular Lake is absolutely massive in size and is considered as one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. Every mile, the change in hues of its waters is a truly mesmerizing yet a unique, and intriguing sight to see. read more about Wular Lake

Manasbal Lake, Kashmir nestles within the Valley of Jhelum or Vale of Kashmir just north of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir and the name of this lake is believed to have been derived from Lake Manasarovar. Often described as the bird watcher's paradise, Manasbal Lake in Kashmir offers boating facility on Shikaras offering you with an expanse of scenic sights to view thus showcasing a different angle to sightseeing in Kashmir. Bird watchers are given ample opportunity for view the varied species of endemic birds and migratory birds as well.
read more about Manasbal Lake

Lakes of Kashmir