Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir Valley or Vale of Kashmir is one of the three main administrative divisions of Jammu and Kashmir and is definitely the most beautiful tourism destination in India. Crowned as the head of the Country, Kashmir is easily accessible via National Highway 1A through the Banihal - Qazigund Tunnel that connects to Jammu as well. This tunnel is situated near Qazigund, also referred to as the ‘Gateway of Kashmir’ which lies en route to Jammu. This Tunnel remains closed for a few weeks during the winters due to heavy snowfall and avalanches, hence, traveling to Kashmir during this period is not recommended.

Kashmir is a multi-faceted region blessed with immaculate beauty. It is surrounded by the Great Himalayan Ranges while its northern and southern landscape is surrounded by the Pir Panjal Mountain range respectively.

Aptly named by the Mughals as ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir has a wonderful cool environ that offers a soothing relief to people from the plains especially during the summer season. For this reason, the Kashmir Valley is also known as the Summer Capital of Jammu and Kashmir. This stunning scenic region is adorned with numerous Sightseeing options left behind by a vibrant cultural mix of the Mughals, British and Indian Heritage, Arts and Crafts influences.

The Kashmir Valley and Tourism in Kashmir offers each visitor with a myriad of Kashmir sightseeing options, excursions around Kashmir, Lakes, Mughal Gardens, and trekking activities amidst the vibrant lush landscapes of this region.

The Kashmir winters is sure to beckon you to its abode bringing forth snow-carpeted mountains that offer options for outdoor sports along its gentle slopes like skiing, sledge-riding, tobogganing, and many more while spring and summer months bring with them the varied blossom of flowers and orchards as well as boat rides, water-skiing and angling activities on any of the crystal clear lakes that always seem to glisten under the sunny clear blue skies.

The Kashmir Valleys and verdant mountains offer an opportunity for visitors to sample some of the many delights that this place has to offer including the unique option to enjoy golfing at 2,700 meters above the sea thus boosting the come-back of Tourism in Kashmir.

Kashmir Sightseeing

Generously blessed with unparallel natural beauty, the Kashmir Valley offers some of the best sightseeing options to all tourists. Towering snow-clad mountain ranges, picturesque lush valleys, and lakes with hues of green and blue colours reflect the bountiful nature of Kashmir. Adding to the delight of sightseeing in Kashmir are the sparkling mineral-rich rivers, dense forests and postcard-picture landscapes, all make Kashmir amongst the most beautiful regions worldwide.

Kashmir is one of the greatest tourist places in India and an ideal holiday destination with numerous tourist heritage attractions and pilgrimage centers such as the Amarnath Shrine that attract thousands of devotees every year to Kashmir despite the fact that visiting Amarnath requires a special government permit to be obtained.

Kashmir Excursions

Kashmir Excursions offer tourists with some of the best places to explore including the valleys of Kashmir and the tourists attractions within these valleys. An excursion to these nearby places of interest in Kashmir allows all visitors to tour to unexplored regions, however, with a highly recommended authorized guide who is well aware of various regions of Kashmir. This is essential owing to the past unrest and disturbances that Kashmir has been witnessing over the recent years. The Kashmir Tourism Department offer excursions trips to Srinagar [summer capital of J&K], Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg.

Lakes in Kashmir

The lakes in Jammu are renowned for their pristine and serene beauty. These Jammu Lakes are remnants of ancient bow-shaped depressions carved by the numerous rivers that meander through the valleys of Kashmir. The waterways and lakes of Kashmir have had a deep influence on the people of Kashmir and are today known as a perfect destination for housing Houseboats and Shikaras allowing tourists can enjoy boat rides as it glides through the valleys and return to their houseboat accommodation offering them one of the most unforgettable stay and holiday on the Kashmir lakes cocooned amidst the penetrating beauty of the Kashmir valley.

Gardens in Kashmir

Kashmir is ideally referred to as the ‘Land of Extended Gardens’ that adds to its well deserved name befitting paradise on earth. The gardens in Kashmir are famous and praiseworthy owing to its heritage and historical background built by the Mughal Emperors who were awe-inspired by the stunning beauty of Kashmir. These Mughal Gardens in Kashmir are set on vast picturesque slopes featuring excellent water bodies and a well maintained landscape packed with flowering trees and shrubs that were beautifully laid down by the Mughals. These Kashmir Mughal Gardens are mostly built in terrace-style design in order to suit the mountainous slopes of the Kashmir valleys.

Activities in Kashmir

Kashmir features a number of activities to partake in during your duration of stay ranging from outdoor activities to adventure sports such as skiing, mountain cycling, shikara boat-rides, water rafting, city walks, bird watching, paragliding, angling, and horse riding. These activities in Kashmir will definitely keep you occupied throughout your stay in Kashmir and will add to an unforgettable experience and your book of memories to cherish for life.

Kashmir Trekking Tours

Kashmir features some of the best trekking routes owing to its location on the Himalayan ranges. Several Trekking expeditions Tours in Kashmir valleys are organised during the summer season when the weather is ideal, as winter does not allow you to enjoy this outdoor sport due to the heavy snowfall and avalanches.

Kashmir features a number of well defined trekking paths to be explored for all adventure seekers and nature lovers as it is one of the best ways to experience the unique scenic and picturesque setting of the region. The towering Himalayan mountain ranges offer the perfect site for exploring its terrain and unique topography.

Trekking in Kashmir is one of those must-do activities for all adventurous tourists as it is sure to get etched as one of most the memorable journeys of your life. The rugged mountains and valleys of Kashmir offer some of the most spectacular views and is a definite sight to be witnessed and experienced in person.

Hotels in Kashmir

Kashmir is one of those few tourist destinations that offer a delightful stay at the elegantly designed and well furnished houseboats. Be it your adventure tour or honeymoon vacation, Hotels in Kashmir always has something to offer in term of comfort, security, luxury, and not forgetting the excellent views of the natural beauty of the Kashmir Valley itself. Hotels in Kashmir offer all the modern amenities, facilities, and services, and an unforgettable experience of warmth hospitality including the choice of enjoying a comfortable stay at any one of the numerous houseboats set on the pristine lakes of Kashmir apt for all travelers visiting this enchanting locale of India.