Jammu and Kashmir Tourism

Jammu and Kashmir was once an integral part of the historic Princely State of the British Imperial in India set in the northernmost region of the country. It holds beautiful mountainous delights and tourist attractions that offer loads of outdoor activities, trekking and sightseeing options for all visitors.

Rightly named as a ‘Paradise on Earth, the state of Jammu & Kashmir is placed at the top most region of India that personifies the well deserved Crow of the country. From snow peak summits to towering majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and verdant landscapes, Jammu & Kashmir has it all to offer that perfect holiday destination in India for all globe travelers.

The economy of Jammu & Kashmir highly runs on tourism, therefore, it is even more essential for the Government to ensure a safe and a secure tourism experience in this region to all visitors.

Jammu and Kashmir is the epitome of a virtual heavenly destination and is revered as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Asia. During the 17th Century, Mughal Emperor Jahangir had set his eyes on the valleys and landscapes of J&K and was completely mesmerized by the breathtaking and exquisite beauty of this place. He once exclaimed in words as such, “Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto … hamin asto … hamin asto”, which means that, “If there is paradise on earth, it is this … it is this … it is this”. Henceforth, Emperor Jahangir would often visit Jammu and Kashmir as a summer retreat from the scorching heat of the northern plains and would always spend time staying in a houseboat on the mesmerizing Dal Lake.

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism has definitely been on the rise in the recent years offering visitors with stunning vacation destinations and Tour package deals. Along the Jammu and Kashmir highway, is Kud, a popular resort destination set at an altitude of 1,738 meters above sea level and about 106 kms from Jammu. It features a bracing climate and is dotted with ideal picnic spots apt for family and friends get-togethers.

Mantalai which is situated 120 kms from Jammu and set at an altitude of over 2,000 meters offer views of lush deodar forests and is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva was unified in marriage to Goddess Parvati. Even Batote, located 125 kms from Jammu on the National Highway, is an excellent getaway destination set at an altitude of 1,560 meters above sea level. This resort destination overlooks the spectacular Chenab gorge set near the Chenab River thus showcasing one of the most stunning sights to views. All these places are important tourist spots in Jammu & Kashmir and are a must-visit.

Apart from the many J&K sightseeing options well as exotic excursion options around Jammu and Kashmir, one can also indulge in outdoor activities like trekking being the most popular and common one amongst the many. You can enjoy the sights of lofty Himalayan mountain ranges and traverse through several paradisiacal locales while trekking and hiking and even camp at scenic meadows and camping sites. Adventure tourism in Jammu & Kashmir is in fact one of the most sought after and popular activities to look forward to.

The heavenly abode of Jammu and Kashmir is sure to set you on a journey of varied experiences as you get to witness the diverse looks and moods of Nature transitioning from one season to another seamlessly. Jammu and Kashmir is a unique destination with contrasting scenic views and landscapes that features a span of fantastic alpine pasture stretches, barren desolate lands, as well as rock-laden and jagged mountains stretching across undulating terrains that never seems to end.

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism is backed by its exquisite tourist spots, excursion destination and exclusive handicraft work that appeals and lures thousands of tourists to this enchanting region. Accommodation is not a concern if booked well in advance and you can choose from a range of fine J&K Hotels, J&K Huts, J&K guesthouses and lodges especially the most popular and sought after J&K Houseboats that adds a unique aspect to the Tourism worth of Jammu & Kashmir.

The hospitality industry of Jammu & Kashmir is world famous for being extremely warm, friendly and hospitable to all visitors that definitely adds an advantage to the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism value.

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism comprises of major tourist attractions, heritage destinations, and pilgrim destinations. The unrest in J&K is almost on a complete shut down that had once greatly affected the otherwise thriving tourist industry in J&K. Today, J&K is beginning to rapidly get back on its feet thus making a slow but definite comeback in terms of its Tourism Industry, however, as a thumb rule especially for tourists and visitors; do remember that the western area still remains unsafe.

In order to visit certain areas in J&K, Non-Indians and foreign nationalities would require a special permit from the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department, hence, do ensure to get all the required information from your Tour Operator as to which regions will require special permission for you to be able to visit.

Jammu Tourism

Jammu is the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir and therefore the Tourism of Jammu welcomes a large influx of tourists during the winter season and especially during Religious Festival occasions. Also referred to as ‘Duggar’, the City of Jammu is the largest town in Jammu and Kashmir and is also referred to as the ‘City of Temples’ owing to its numerous heritage sites and ancient 100-year-old Temples and Shrines. The towering Shikhars of these Temples seem to almost tough the city skyline thus creating a soothing ambiance that is sacred and peaceful as well.

Jammu Tourism offers some of the most popular and highly visited Hindu Shrines, such as the Vaishno Devi Temple which is one of the most famous pilgrim centres of India making Jammu the most popular pilgrim destination in the country. Apart from Hinduism, other religious sects such as Islam and Sikhism also enjoy a strong cultural heritage in this region. Jammu Tourism has ensured to maintain a very strong infrastructure that has somehow made this city emerge as one of the major economic centers of J&K.

Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir Valley, also referred to as the ‘Vale of Kashmir’ is one of the most beautiful regions in India. It nestles between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range and measures approximately 32 kms in width and 135 kms in length and was mainly carved by River Jhelum, hence, Kashmir is also referred to as the ‘Jhelum Valley.

Known worldwide as the ideal and virtual ‘Paradise on Earth’ and instated by Mughal Emperor Jahangir, the Vale of Kashmir is completely placed within the administration of India and a part of the Jammu and Kashmir state, however, there are areas of Kashmir that extends beyond the Indian border and partially lies in Pakistan.

Srinagar is the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir and the summer capital as well. It features several towns such as Baramulla and Anantnag and is well connected to the rest of India via the National Highway 1A through the Banihal – Qazigund Tunnel also named as the Jawahar Tunnel.

The tourism of Kashmir offers excellent lakes to enjoy of which Dal Lake is the most popular of the many lakes in Kashmir. Other scenic localities to visit in Kashmir Valley are Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg. The Shrine of Amarnath & Temple is also an extremely popular pilgrim site in Kashmir visited by thousands of devotees every year.